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Stanford Star Makes Campus Her Stage

This profile is so Stanford. (And I love it.) #ncaaWFF

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‘Mistake Sex,’ an Orange Boa, and a Bronx Accent: At Home With Princeton Mom

Find this fascinating—and totally alarming. (Fair, though, which is saying something considering how much ‘Princeton Mom’ gave the writer to go on.) Think I should be having all sorts of feminist angst, but mostly feel sad for her: It’s a hard life that’d leave a fiftysomething woman pining for Princeton, exalting her sons to levels one can only hope embarrass them, and projecting so much of her dissatisfaction and regret onto the whole of womankind.

'What Are You?' Is Not An Icebreaker

Because this isn’t obvious, apparently… #PSA

(P.S. Speaking as a non-blended person who also gets this question constantly, ‘Is that all?’ is not an appropriate follow-up.)

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How much did I need this today? #somuch

Getting the Most Out of Millennials in the Workplace

Very cool recap of Fahrenheit212’s #MillennialWork event — including my bit :) — from the fab Valerie De La Rosa…

Somehow a pine tart craving turned into baking every Guyanese pastry ever… #sorrynotsorry

Somehow a pine tart craving turned into baking every Guyanese pastry ever… #sorrynotsorry

Home, Dismantled

Why Olivia Judson will always be one of my favorites…

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Paris Review – Love Stories, Phoebe Connelly

A little literary love story from The Paris Review. #fridayreads

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The Best Commercial For Literacy (And Scotch) Ever Made

Best writing music ever from Kongos — ‘Come With Me Now.’ #ampedandinspired